Used Machinery

From time to time we have a selection of second hand/used machinery that will suit those on a tight budget or those wanting to try a process without committing themselves to the full outlay of new equipment initially. Please get in touch to see what we have available at present.  

Should you be in the position to sell any Kween B machinery please get in touch with us and we will advertise the details on your behalf on our website as well as contact our clients who have expressed an interest in that market.

November 2018 – Second Hand Kween B Blown Film Line Request – Buyer
We currently have a customer who is looking for a second hand Kween B Blown Film Line. Material producing LDPE/LLDPE, capacity 200kg per hour. If you have a machine to sell then please contact us.


Parties interested in our customers second hand machinery are hereby notified that Kween B Ltd is merely the provider of a forum where our customers may offer second hand machines.
Any contractual agreement pertaining to the said machines is concluded solely between our customer and the interested party, without further involvement on Kween B Ltd part.
Technical data on second hand machinery are provided entirely by the offering party.
Kween B Ltd accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the technical data or the condition or function of the machinery offered.
Furthermore, Kween B Ltd accepts no responsibility for any damage resulting from the failure of any offering party and respective interested parties to reach an agreement concerning the sale of the second hand machinery.

Please email us with your requirement