Bag Making Machines

Kween B offer a full range of bag making machines from the largest waste sack through to the widest range of shopping bags, to bags for coins and anything in between. These can then be printed with a design of your choosing where Kween B are able to offer Flexographic Printing Machines that will print up to 1620mm in width and with up to 8 colours.

These machines are ideal for conventional bottom sealed plastic bags and are often used for the economy or mass production market. Kween B offers a wide range of models that can produce:

    • Flatbags – freezer type bags
    • Vest type bags – supermarket type bags
    • Perforated bags on the reel – refuse bags

These machines can be manual or automated and can have options fitted like winders, conveyor stackers, photocell sensors to help line up printed material and can be fitted with hot pins or copper knife depending on the design wishing to be produced.

These machines offer speciality type bag production higher spec shopping bags or for non-standard type bags polyloop draw strings. They can also be used for mass production on bags that require some precision drawstrings or an unusual size coin bags.

• Varyguage punch handle
• Looped Handle type bags – shopping bag with handles
• Drawstring type bags – waste bags

Corona treating equipment can help with the printing on plastic that is either single or double sided.

T-Shirt Bag
Bottom Sealing Bag
Side Sealing Bag
Perforated Bag
Irregular Shape Bag