• Compact, economical and user-friendly machine
• Ideal for producing narrow film in LDPE,LLDPE and HDPE
• Tower oscillates to ensure the manufacture of perfectly flat reels of film
• Screw design available from 40 mm ~ 45 mm
• Allows film to unwind easily when converting into bags or printing on them
• OMC Series is a co-extrusion version of the OM with two extruders and the same oscillating tower

• Ideal for producing HDPE/LDPE film for making T-shirt bags & plain bags
• Longer screw & barrel at 30/ for better mixing
• Bi-metallic treatment on screw flight to ensure longer lifetime
• Three temperature control zones for barrel cooling
• Two temperature control zones for die for different materials
• Gear box is a compact, durable, longer lifetime design
• Cooler is a larger multi-piping type
• Six zones of temperature control
• Independent embossing roller in addition to take up nip rollers.

MB SERIES (Mini Type)
• Perfect for producing HDPE film, also suitable for LDPE
• Economical, compact, user-friendly, and saves working space
• No assembly and installation is needed upon arrival
• Two-section mixing screw design for high quality film
• Adjustable tower
• Gear box with cooling and lubricating system
• 7 units of MB-40 machines can be loaded into a 40″ wooden container for shipping
• Screw design available from 45 mm ~ 60 mm
• Europe CE certified, United States D&B certified

• Ideal for garbage bag or mixed with high percentage recycled material
• Film in two layers structure
• Longer screw & barrel at 30/1, with two mixing sections for better mixing
• Two temperature control zones for die
• Two-rollers independent type of embossing roller

HAS & HA SERIES (High Speed)
• Perfect for producing HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE and MLLDPE tubular film/sheeting
• Higher output at lower melt temperature
• High efficiency air ring
• Vibration-free production with heavy-duty structural steel
• Adjustable nip-roller height

HDS SERIES (Two Colour)
• Two extruders, perfect for producing 2 colour striped films
• Clear and neat division of two colour strips
• Stable film thickness

• Space saving, Power saving by Compact design
• Excellent colour mixing with unique 28/1 screw design with two mixing sections
• Colour separation can be proportional by changing the die for HDPE or LDPE. ( like 50% + 50% in two sides, or 25% + 75% )
• Clear colour line separation with special & unique die design
• Stable and excellent manual winder. Winder dia. can be up to 1000mm
• Level type manual screen changer

DMS & DM SERIES (Double Head)
• Perfect for producing small-size films
• Double-headed extruder, able to produce two different sizes of films
• High output for small-size bubbles
• Double-machine efficiency, occupying single machine space
• Applicable materials: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE
• screw design available from 45 mm ~ 60 mm

• Good melt quality and high output
• Excellent film quality
• Stable air flow and rapid cooling rate
• Stainless steel collapsing frame
• User-friendly, easily accessible operation and maintenance
• Easily-replaced components & parts